A Year On... It's time to Share this Experience

I wrote this post over a year ago and never shared it. BUT... I thought it was too beautiful to not share so here it is one year on. I hope you enjoy reading about our little visit to the Melbourne Zoo in June 2017.  xx


1st June 2017 - Yesterday was just like any other day with my two young children. Pack the kids into the car, attend activities at the local library, some shopping in the city and a last minute decision to swing by the zoo for a few hours on our way back home.  

Only this day left me with a really beautiful moment shared between myself, my two children Elijah (3) & Alannah (6mths) and two orang-utans at the Melbourne Zoo.  

My daughter was getting a bit grizzly and ready for a nap as we approached the orang-utan sanctuary and as there was only one other mother and her small child around, we opted for a quick nappy change on the seating by the window. 

The orang-utans were sitting far away, up high on their fort. I put my daughter down on a blanket, started her nappy change and I suddenly jumped out of my skin, as I realised from nowhere there was not one, but two orang-utans looking over my shoulder at my daughter. 

The two orang-utans curled up beside her putting their faces next to hers and my daughter reached out wanting to touch their faces. It was such a beautiful moment and I watched as these creatures demonstrated what I witness regularly as a midwife and childbirth educator; the mothering and nurturing instinct. They had such a beutiful connection with her and I could see how strongly these instincts were ingrained in these creatures.

On further investigation I suspect that the orang-utans were mother and daughter pair; Maimunah and 6 year old Dewi. (I would love this confirmed from someone who works at Melbourne Zoo!) 

This experience inspired me to look deeper into the mothering journey of these animals. The bond between orang-utan mother and child is a fascinating one. It’s stronger than any other animal, with the mother taking 8 years to raise a child, on their own. As solitary animals, the young exclusively rely on their mum for nutrition and transport, much like a human child does its parents. They continue to learn skills from their mum such as climbing, finding food and building a nest in the trees, until the age of 6 or 7. The mum then falls pregnant and starts the child rearing process all over again,  often having offspring well into her 40’s! 

The grown up female orang-utans will continue to visit their mother until the age of around 15, when she then starts reproducing herself. The loss of mature females in a habitat has a devastating effect on their population and takes years to replenish because of the long child rearing process and long breeding intervals. 

It makes sense that Maimunah and her daughter Dewi were so intrigued with my 6 month old daughter, with the special bond that mothers and their offspring have in the orang-utang world and the emphasis on the nurturing instinct for the survival of their species. 

If you would like to support the Melbourne Zoo’s ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ campaign to support these gentle nurturers head to: www.zoo.org.au/get-involved/act-for-wildlife/dont-palm-us-off

Or to find out more about the mother:infant bond in my childbirth education classes follow me on instagram @bliss_health_wellness or Facebook: Bliss Health & Wellness

As a midwife, mother of two and the owner of Bliss Health & Wellness: Childbirth Education, I believe in strengthening the mother:infant bond to support birth and parenting, so that it is approached with confidence and wonder. Just like these orang-utans connected with me and my children on this day and left us feeling pretty amazed at the brief but powerful connection we shared. 


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June 2017 News...


Welcome to my first blog post! I'm excited to share what has been happening with myself, my family and my business over the last few months. 

The month of May and June have been huge for us! Not only is it birthday after birthday celebration but I've also completed my first Childbirth Education Course since having my daughter Alannah in November. 

This was my biggest course yet with 6-10 participants attending each session. 

You can find out more about my next course here.

My first born turns 3!

My first born turns 3!

I also can't believe that my first born just turned 3! (That's him above) He loved his birthday celebration at Werribee Zoo and kept thanking us for such a great birthday for about a week afterwards. So precious! He was the inspiration behind me starting my business and this course! I had such a great birth experience I wanted others to feel the joy I felt afterwards. I wanted to share that despite the challenges and the unknown that comes with birth, you can have an empowering and positive birth experience! And if things go way off plan, there are things you can do to make the most of your experience too. Since then, I have run 8 courses for individuals or small groups and have loved sharing with mums and fathers to be, all things birth, babies and beyond. 

Earlier in the year I had the privilege of speaking at an Empowered Motherhood course run by Kylie Anderson from 'Be Your Radiant Self' (You can follow her here) I spoke on accepting your birth story which lead me to develop a package (article + workbook) on this topic. This package is now available for free for my subscribers. Just send me an email and I'll send it through to you. Or if you'd like to attend the full Empowered Motherhood course you can find out more about it here. I loved the course so much I ended up joining as a participant and am thrilled to be speaking again at the next course starting June 28th in Sunbury. If you've done my Childbirth Education course this is a great next step and will help you to find your identity as a mother, and delve into 6 key areas that will help you on your journey of motherhood. I'd love to see you there!


I was also nominated for the Macedon Ranges Business Excellence Awards in the area of Health & Wellbeing. So I've been working on my application and have just submitted it. I'm thrilled that although my business is tiny, I'm making a difference to a small number of people and their individual experience. So thank you to those who have supported me, particularly those that have attended my course!


*How does birth happen?

*What do you need to know? 

*How can you build confidence in yourself to do what you need to do? 

*What important decisions will you need to make along the way? 

*How can your birthing partner be supportive to your needs? 

*What if things don't go to plan?

*What does your baby need in it's first few weeks of life?

*How will you build your village of support around you? 

We delve into all things birth and baby related to give you the fundamental knowledge you need to approach birth and parenting with confidence. We also talk choices. What are your choices and important decisions will you need to make along the way?


*4 x 2hr small group sessions with an experienced 

midwife/childbirth educator, refreshments provided

*Individual resource manuals tailored for the mum and dad-to-be

*A workbook to help you individualise your birth and recovery to your needs

*Birth Affirmation Poster

*Special bonus offers along the way from local services

*Email support through your pregnancy until 6 weeks after baby is born.

*Access to a private facebook group of other mum's in the area who have also attended the course

*Access to 'Having a Baby- Macedon Ranges' A page for local pregnancy, birth and postpartum business' to share their skills and services and for local Mum's to share useful resources, ask questions and support each other.

Next Course Dates:

Thursday 27th July 6:30pm ~ Session 1: 7 Tips for a Positive Birth

Thursday 3rd August 6:30pm ~ Session 2:  Fundamentals of Labour + Birth

Thursday 10th August 6:30pm ~ Session 3 Labour Techniques + Role of Support Person

Thursday 17th August 6:30pm ~ Session 4 Care of Mother + Baby Post Birth + Breastfeeding


** What if the dates don't suit? Live to far away? This course can also be delivered in an online conference format, one on one with your childbirth educator!

What are the BENEFITS of attending classes through Bliss Health & Wellness? 

- Many hospital classes focus on the hospital and what the hospital wants or needs from you. We focus on YOU and what YOUR wants and needs are for birth.

- We can provide you with all the options in your area for different models of care, holistic practitioners and birth choices. 

- You'll receive birth education that inspires you rather than scares you. 

- You'll learn many more techniques to promote a natural birth or if you're having a c/section, how to make the most of your experience. 

- You know who you are getting. -----> A midwife with over 10 years experience working in all areas of midwifery care in both the public and private sector. A person who has a passion for supporting women to birth with confidence and who has had 2 incredible births of her own. A mother who wants to suport new parents to enjoy their journey into parenthood.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to connecting with you!




Just in time for Christmas...

A huge congratulations to Tom & Michelle on the birth of their little boy Lucius who arrived on the 21st December just in time for them to be home for Christmas. They took our course in September and are now enjoying this precious time together as a family. Isn't he a cutie 😊
Welcome to the world Lucius!  
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