Jessica's birthing course was absolutely perfect for us. Each class felt like she gave us just the right amount of information for us to comfortably process. The course provided non biased and well researched information enabling us to confidently choose the right model of care that suited us and mentally prepare for our birth. Throughout the course we went from feelings of overwhelm to empowerment and even started to look forward to the birthing experience. When in labour my partner had a great tool kit full of various strategies to support me. This helped me feel safe, connected and out of my head to allow my body to do what it innately knows what to do. Throughout labour we were able to make decisions together that felt true to us. We were thrilled to give birth to our healthy and happy boy and am extremely grateful for Jessica's wisdom, guidance and nurturing that enabled the whole process to be such a positive experience.

Jess Liston & Steve


A huge thank you for your gentle love & support in the lead up to the birth of our little one. Your course definitely help me feel a lot more prepared, confident & a little excited even, for the labour. I came away from the hospital birth classes terrified, from your classes I came away confident that I could trust my body to know what to do. Was a huge contrast. And I'd recommend your course to anyone having a baby soon. 

Kylie & Luke Adams


Bliss Health and Wellness childbirth classes provided my husband Adrian and I with significant resources and information concerning natural childbirth and labour management techniques. 

For me, I felt that confidence came from knowledge of the birthing process and coping techniques, with Jessica’s guidance and through some practice at home, this really helped during my labour. 

I was lucky enough to have Jessica there with me during most of my labour.  I feel very grateful for her presence, as mentally I’m not sure if I could have pushed through as far as I did.

We strongly recommend Jessica and Bliss Health and Wellness to families seeking personal, caring, informative, and practical childbirth education.

Kate & Adrian White


I was very fortunate to find out about Jessica’s course through her sister’s recommendation. I wasn’t convinced the hospital antenatal class would prepare me enough for the experience of giving birth and after attending Jessica’s classes I knew I was right. 

Jessica provided me with all the information I needed to make decisions about the kind of birth experience I wanted and helped my husband gain a better understanding of what to expect and how he could be part of that experience.

Thanks to Jessica I felt that no matter how the birth went I was in a good position to make informed decisions and as a result I was not stressed at all about the delivery. Though I didn’t stick to my intended birth plan I was very happy with how it went because I felt that I was in control and able to make the right choices for me.

Michelle & Thomas Cybula