Hi there! I'm Jessica.  

I'm a wife and mum to two small children, Elijah (3) and Alannah (1). I help women and families prepare for birth, mentally, physically and practically so that they feel ready for whatever experience comes there way. I'm a Nurse/Midwife with over 10 years experience and a Childbirth Educator. I've birthed my two babies naturally in the comfort of my home. My own experiences have really shaped the way I share my knowledge around birth. 

My courses are designed to reduce fear and instil confidence in women approaching some of the biggest challenges life brings; birth and parenthood. I can't promise it's going to be easy, the greatest rewards in life often don't come with ease, but I'm a big believer in having the right skills, techniques and mindset to prepare for a positive birth and happy beginning to parenthood. And I'm here to support you through. So join my next course for a dose of positive and honest birth education.